Tuesday, 13 Jun, 2017
Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips for your Dog or Cat

It's official, we're heading in to a warm spell, especially out here in the Valley. Here are some tips to help you keep your pets cool and safe:

- leave out plenty of cool water. For dogs is is fun & hydrating to freeze some toys in a block of ice. For Cats, ensure that your water bowls have a large opening so their wiskers don't touch the side of the bowl, and put some ice cubes in the water;

- leave your pets at home and keep a fan going for air circulation, also ensure pets have access to the cooler areas of the house;

- brush your pets more frequently, a well-groomed and tangle-free coat will keep your pet cooler;

- overweight, older and pets with medical conditions can have problems with hot weather, so reduce activity;

- complications due to heat is more frequent in long-haired dogs and cats, and short-nosed, flat-faced dogs and cats (e.g. dogs: Pugs, Pekingese, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzus; cats: Persian);

- if going for a walk, early morning and late evening is best when it is cool;

- when going for a walk on streets & sidewalks do the asphalt test: take off your shoes & if it's too hot for your feet, it's too hot for your pet. Don't want to slip off your shoes, use the back of your hand;

- lighter-coloured pets can get sunburned, there is special pet-friendly sunscreen for their nose & ear tips; and,

....finally, never, EVER leave your pet in a vehicle on a hot day.