Wednesday, 14 Jul, 2021
Mountain View COVID Protocols July 2021

MV Vet will be continuing with curbside drop-off / pick-up of pets and conducting the pet exams with clients over the telephone. We appreciate that some people are eager to be in the exam room with their pet however, it is not safe to do so at this time. Following the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and in accordance with Worksafe BC Guidelines, we will continue to do everything that we can to protect our clients, our team members and the general public. While we understand that for some this is frustrating, it is extremely important to remember that not only would an outbreak at our hospital endanger our staff, it would also endanger every client and their families who walked through our doors before the outbreak was identified.


Questions you may have;


“I am fully vaccinated, why can’t I come in with my pet?”  Being vaccinated does not mean that you can’t catch COVID and that you can’t infect someone else. It just means that if you were to contract the virus your symptoms should not be as severe.  Vaccinated or not, you can still catch COVID and you can still be contagious.


“Aren’t you all vaccinated?” While veterinary medicine has been deemed an essential service, veterinary professionals have not been able to get vaccinated any sooner than the general public. Most of our staff are young and not yet eligible to be fully vaccinated. Also, some of our team and immediate family members have special medical conditions and are at higher risk of complications due to COVID.


 “I can go in to a restaurants and shops with no issue, why can’t I go in to your hospital?” Those environments are typically large, airy, open areas where customers and clients can maintain social distancing and confidentiality is not required. Our exam rooms are ~8’ x 9’ and while they are bigger than the ones in our previous location, it is practically impossible to maintain 2 meters (6 feet) of social distancing. Also, installing plexi-glass barriers in the exam rooms to accommodate clients is not feasible given how we have to enter the room and move around to perform an exam on your pet.   


“But other veterinary clinics are letting people in, why not you?” Most veterinary hospitals are privately owned and therefore, decisions about allowing clients back in to the building will vary by practice. Based on the latest information from the PHO and Worksafe BC, it is our strong belief that we cannot ensure the safety of our team, our clients and their families by allowing people in at this time. Taking that risk is simply not worth it especially while we have nice weather and curbside service at our new location is so easy to facilitate.  


“But my pet gets too nervous/anxious when I am not there, isn’t it safer with me in the room?” As a Fear Free Certified Hospital all of our staff are well trained in dealing calmly and safely with anxious pets. Interestingly, during the pandemic we have noticed that most of our patients do remarkably well without their fur parents in the room. Call it a sixth sense, but often pets pick-up on mom or dad’s anxiousness and they get nervous because their owner is nervous. If there is a situation where the pet has very significant separation or other anxiety issues, we can discuss other options.   


 “I am willing to accept the risks, why can’t I come in?”  We acknowledge people’s right to accept the risks however we will not put our team, other clients or the general public at risk. As noted above, most of our staff are not yet eligible for a second dose of the vaccine and we also have several clients with significant health conditions. As healthcare professionals and we have both an ethical and legal obligation to not put anyone – furbaby or hooman - in harms way.


Thank you to all our amazing clients who have been understanding and have worked with us to face the challenges of this pandemic. We are really looking forward to the day when we can welcome you in to our facility and hopefully it is soon.