Sunday, 9 Aug, 2015
Mountain View Sponsors Feral Cat Litter

Mountain View is sponsoring feral cat Sisko and the 'Disney' litter of kittens. Sisko was pregnant when she was trapped as part of a local trap, spay/neuter, and release program to humanely reduce the feral cat population in Langley run by Tinykittens, People for Happier Cats and Langley Animal Protection Society. Since her capture, Sisko has been fostered by Tinykittens in a special area which kept her safe, warm and fed, but limited human interaction so to ensure that she wasn't stressed. To watch Sisko and the 'Disney' kittens, you can watch their live webcast by clicking here.

The plan is that once the kittens no longer need to nurse, Sisko will be spayed and then returned to the wild. The kittens will be fostered until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and then adopted to a permanent home.

It might seem a bit controversial to remove the kittens from their mother, but we must remember that Sisko is a feral cat and wants to be in the wild. Her kittens however, are not feral and will be socialized to ensure that they can be adopted in to a loving home.

We are sponsoring this litter because feral pet overpopulation is a big problem globally and we feel that it is the responsibility of the community to support humane ways to reduce the population. It is estimated that the feral cat population in Langley alone is over 20,000 cats! Not only do most feral cats die in terrible ways such as disease, starvation or predation, but they also spread disease to the domestic cat population and can have a very negative impact on local wildlife (birds, mice, frogs, lizards, etc.) as they hunt for food.

As a business, we also see it as a wonderful opportunity to get more involved in the community on behalf of our amazing staff and our awesome clients, who care deeply about animals - their own, and others. Also, as the first business to sponsor a feral litter, we hope that this inspires other businesses to do the same and we look forward to sharing our experiences with them.