Tuesday, 7 Apr, 2015
Pet Oxygen Mask Fundraiser!

Mountain View in co-operation with Township of Langley Fire Department and the Township of Langley Firefighters – IAAF 4550, will be holding a fundraiser with 100% of proceeds going towards the purchase of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits for placement on Township fire trucks.

To raise the funds, the team from Mountain View will be doing pet nail trims by donation and collecting cash / debit / credit card donations from now until May 2nd, 2015. You do not need to be a client of Mountain View to bring your pet in for a nail trim or to donate!  The presentation of the masks will be made during the week of May 3 – 9, 2015, which is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada.  In addition to the donation of the masks, Mountain View will also be providing training to Township fire fighters on the use of the masks and pet resuscitation techniques.

Why are we doing this fundraiser? There are currently no pet oxygen masks on Township of Langley fire trucks. The Township has a large pet population and many of those pets remain at home alone while their owners are out.  Should a fire break out or a natural disaster occur, pets are at an increased risk of suffering injury because unlike humans who flee from the fire or other dangers, pets instinctively seek a hiding place within the home.  Having masks designed specifically for pets could significantly increase the chance that they can be revived.

So if your pets nails need a trim, please drop by Mountain View and help support animal care in Langley.