Monday, 3 Nov, 2014
Thank you! Mountain View Awarded 2014 Shepherd Moose Award

For the 2nd time in two weeks we find ourselves writing a thank you to the amazing people of Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Abbotsford and beyond!  On Saturday night at the Langley Animal Protection Society Gala (LAPS), we were surprised to be given the 'Shepherd Moose Award' by the wonderful supporters of Tinykittens

Along with the plaque and some very generous gifts, we were given a 'Thank You' book where people shared with us some kind and heart-warming comments.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, you made a wonderful night even more amazing and we are deeply grateful.  The work that we do with LAPS and Tinykittens is so special to us, and we feel honoured to work alongside such incredible people who make such a difference.


The Mountain View Team