Monday, 1 Jun, 2020
UPDATE: COVID-19 What You Need To Know

With the move to Phase 2 of BC's pandemic response, Veterinarians have received approval to begin transitioning back to more 'regular' veterinary activities. While this is promising news *please note* that for the foreseeable future we will be continuing with the following COVID-19 protocols to keep our staff and clients safe:


Non-Essential Services - we are now able to perform non-essential and non-emergency appointments;


Pet Drop-off & Pick-up - we will be continuing to do 'curbside hospital visit' where clients *do not* enter the hospital but are part of the exam via phone from the safety of outside or your vehicle;


New Hours - We will now be open *6 days a week* from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to 5pm Saturday;


Self-isolating? You can order food and supplies delivered to your door from our online store: ....we are continuing to offer Telemedicine Consultations with our Doctors from via Zoom or telephone ( note: Zoom is a free download).


If You Have An Appointment:

1. Call 604.427.2744 when you arrive at MV Vet or knock on the glass;

2. Our Staff will come to get your pet and your cell number;

3. You will be called to take part in your pet’s exam, please remain outside or in your vehicle; and,

4. Upon conclusion of the exam, our Staff will bring your pet out to you and arrange payment.


If You Are Picking Up Food or Supplies:

1. Call 604.427.2744 when you arrive or knock on the glass;

2. One of our Staff will come to the door;

3. If you have ordered and pre-paid online our Staff will bring you your order and place it on the 'Order Table' located outside;


If you still have to order or pay, please use our freshly sanitized wireless sales terminal (no cash please).


Enormous thank you to everyone for their patience, understanding and wonderful words of encouragement.

Please continue to check our FB page and/or website blog for updates.




Can you catch Coronavirus from your pet?

As is the case with all new viruses, it takes time for scientists and medical professionals to fully understand the complexity of the disease. At this point there has been no definitive evidence that the virus can be transmitted to or from our domestic pets, however the recent positive test of a large tiger at the Bronx Zoo clearly indicates that more research needs to be performed. We continue to follow this situation and will update you as new, credible research is made available.  



How Can You Help Further?

If your pet has an appointment, but you or someone in your household is not feeling well, please do not come in. We will happily reschedule your appointment with no cancellation fee so you can stay home and take care of yourself. If your pet is ill, perhaps have a healthy friend bring them in but please notify us that you are under self-quarantine so we can take the necessary precautions.



Be Prepared! We always recommend that you have an emergency preparedness kit for your pets with at least one month’s worth of pet food, prescription medication and supplies (such as kitty litter) on hand.



We will update this blog as things change. Thank you everyone for your support and helping us stay safe.



~The Mountain View Team