Tuesday, 17 Mar, 2020
UPDATE: COVID-19 What You Need To Know


Mountain View Veterinary remains open and we will do our best to remain so while also ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. Please note that we do have a few staff self-isolating due to colds/recent travel, so we we are operating on a reduced appointment schedule. Supplies of pet food and medicine remain good so there is no reason to panic! By taking a few precautions you can keep you, your family and your furbabies healthy.


Additional Measures Mountain View is taking:
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 our staff has been extra vigilant about wiping down our counter-tops, chairs and our pin-pad/POS terminal is wiped down after each transaction. We’ve implemented a new appointment procedure (below) as well as scheduling appointments to minimize the number of people at the hospital at any given time:


Self Isolating? You can order food and supplies delivered to your door from our online store: www.MyVetStore.ca/MVvet .


If You Have An Appointment:

1. Knock on the glass or call 604.427.2744;

2. Our Staff will come to get your pet and your cell number;

3. You will be called to take part in your pet’s exam, please remain outside or in your vehicle; and,

4. Upon conclusion of the exam, our Staff will bring your pet out to you and arrange payment.


If You Are Picking Up Food or Supplies:

1. Knock on the glass or call 604.427.2744;

2. One of our Staff will come to the door;

3. If you have ordered and pre-paid online our Staff will bring you your order;


If you still have to order or pay, please come in and use our freshly sanitized sales terminal (no cash please).


Can you catch Coronavirus from your pet?
There is currently no evidence that pets can get sick or transmit COVID-19 to people or other animals. There has been one case in Hong Kong where a healthy dog tested weak-positive after being exposed to an infected person. This dog was not sick with the virus, the virus was found on the dog. I suspect if they had swabbed/tested the person’s sofa, cell phone or appliances they would have also tested positive.


What does MV Vet do to keep you & your pets safe?
In Veterinary medicine we deal with a number of contagious diseases so we are extremely vigilant about ensuring the safety of our patients. Veterinary professionals wash our hands a lot, at least over 50+ times a day, with the COVID-19 outbreak we’re doing it even more. After each exam, the exam room treatment areas are sanitized and the blanket is laundered, every evening our Hospital is cleaned thoroughly.


How Can You Help Further?
If your pet has an appointment, but you or someone in your household is not feeling well, please do not come in. We will happily reschedule your appointment with no cancellation fee so you can stay home and take care of yourself. If your pet is ill, perhaps have a healthy friend bring them in but please notify us that you are under self-quarantine so we can take the necessary precautions.


Be Prepared! We always recommend that you have an emergency preparedness kit for your pets with at least one month’s worth of pet food, prescription medication and supplies (such as kitty litter) on hand.


We will update this blog as things change. Thank you everyone for your support and helping us stay safe.


~The Mountain View Team