Thursday, 22 Jan, 2015
Video: Wizard of Oz Kittens Neuter Webcast

Earlier today Mountain View Veterinary Hospital and Tinykittens did a webcast (parts 1 & 2 below) of the neuter surgeries of the Marvel, Nikko and Henry from the 'Wizard of Oz' kittens rescued by Langley Animal Protection Society.  We agreed to do this as part of an educational campaign to raise awareness of the importance of spay and neuter programs, and to dispel some of the myths and misinformation regarding pediatric spays and neuters.

We hope that this opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ helps you better understand the procedure and what happens at a Veterinary Hospital. The video shows the pre-surgical exam, surgical preparation, the procedure (from a distance, but take care if you are squeamish), and how quickly our little patients recover.

Please do what you can help support the spay and neuter programs of your local animal protection society, either by helping to get the word out or through financial contributions. You can support the amazing work of Langley Animal Protection Society by donating securely online through Canada Helps: Donate to LAPS. Thank you for sharing & caring about these amazing animals.