Monday, 12 Oct, 2020
"You Might Be A Vet Tech If...."

Happy Veterinarian Technician Appreciation Week to our awesome Techs; Danielle, Taylor, Sydney and Melanie. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people on our team who work with such incredible professionalism and compassion. You rock ladies! Now here are a few ways to tell 'you might be a Vet Tech if....':

You go out to a club and when the black light comes on, you check yourself for ringworm.

You can eat lunch while cleaning up a Parvo blowout.

You open your lunch container & find a spleen (other Vet Techs have a twisted sense of humor).

All of your pets are either 3 legged, lame, or blind in one eye.

You've done an anal probe on a bird.

You find a hair in your food, pull it out, and keep on eating.

You cough up hairballs.

You can play connect the dots with all your scars and puncture wounds.

Normal people won't eat meals with you.

You've ever picked up dog poop with your bare hands.

You can put a muzzle on with one hand.

You can take a dog's rectal temperature without looking.

You have cat hair all over your car, but don't own a cat.

You've ever run out of towels, syringes, IV fluids, meds and patience all at the same time.

You no longer have a gag reflex.

When the Vet asks, "What color is the patient's diarrhea?", you show her your shoes.

Half your wardrobe has bloodstains on it & the other half has holes bitten/scratched/torn though it.

Lint rollers are on your shopping list every week.

You carry dog treats in your pockets or purse at all times. (even if you don't own a dog)

Everyone, including complete strangers, tells you about each and every little problem with their pet.

You think a good way to handle the obnoxious drunk that's hitting on you is with a catch pole & muzzle.

You say at least once a day, "What am I doing here?", but know that you wouldn't trade it for anything.

~Author Unknown