Wellness Exam for puppies, kittens, adult and senior pets

  1. Vaccination Programs tailored for your specific pets needs
  2. Nutritional Counselling
  3. International Health Exams
  4. Behavioural Counselling
  5. Internal Medicine
  6. Internal Parasite Control
  7. External Parasite Control
  8. Preventative Dental Care (including scaling, polishing
    and extractions)
  9. Ear and Eye Care
  10. Flea Control and Coat Care
  11. Radiology (X-rays)
  12. Ultrasound - referrals to specialists
  13. Electrocardiogram
  14. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  15. On and Off-site Laboratory Services
  16. Pre-anesthetic Lab Tests
  17. Spays
  18. Neuters
  19. Soft Tissue Surgery
  20. Orthopedic Surgery - specialist referrals
  21. Tattoo and Microchip I.D.
  22. Internal Medicine and Oncologist Specialist Referral

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital is a small-animal veterinary practice serving the communities of Langley, Surrey, White Rock and the Fraser Valley. We are a fully equipped, full-service animal hospital offering preventive, medical, surgical and dental care for your cats and dogs. We have an experienced and highly qualified team, who are committed to providing quality care for your pets and exceptional customer service.